Vlov: app de apoyo para personas con consumos problemáticos

Vlov: support app for people with problematic consumption

Dispositivo Pavlovsky (Pavlovsky Device) is an addiction treatment device aimed at teenagers and adults. The team comprises a group of multidisciplinary specialists who work on problematic consumption. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and toxicologists have been working together since 2010, assisting and accompanying people with this kind of addiction.

They reached Syloper intending to develop an app meant as a support tool in the process of treatment. They also needed that this app serves as a daily communication tool between the patients and professionals in charge.


The app

Vlov was designed and created to provide resources and tools both to mental health professionals and to patients with some type of problematic consumption. It was also important to create a tool that enables a link between them.

The app has two important objectives: the professionals can have access to accurate information about their patients’ conditions. On the other hand, the possibility to offer self-help and support tools to the patients in critical situations and in their daily life.  

We accompanied this project by developing the administrative panel and app in its entirety.

During all the process of development, the focus was on usability, comfort, and confidence. This was a key point as the potential users would interact with the app while going through a sensitive personal process. 

For this reason, both the architecture and the design were thought to create a mobile application that is perceived simply and pleasantly, that provides a practical and user-friendly experience.


Main functionalities 

We highlight the following main functionalities:

    • Timer: it is a tool made for recording time not used by the users. In this section, we can see the progressive achievements and statistics. The app also shows the restarts and maximum and minimum time not used, among others. 
    • “How do you feel?” section: it encourages patients to record their mood on a day-to-day basis. It includes a calendar in which all the daily grades are registered for better identification of their development.
    • Meditation: there is a preset playlist with meditation tracks to manage cravings.
    • “I need help” section: this is one of the most important tools of this project. It allows the user to connect with his/her companion by previously completing three levels. The first level consists of a motivational quote to cheer the patient up who is experiencing a critical situation. For the second level, Vlov recommends activities not related to consumption that have been previously uploaded by the user in the registration process. This is also reinforced with informative texts. At the third level, the patient is encouraged by reminding him/her personal reasons for not relapsing. This is the last step before contacting the specialist in charge. 


The application, which is already available in both the App Store and Google Play, fulfills its purpose: it creates an accessible link between the professional and the patient who is undergoing the treatment.


▶ The outcome:

If you want to see the outcome, you can get the app on Play Store or download it on App Store. 



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