La Segunda: nueva app institucional

La Segunda: new institutional app

We prototyped, designed and developed the new institutional app of “La Segunda” Insurance Group.

It is an application designed so that users can access all the internal information of the company: authorities, directory, organizational units, institutional assemblies, tours, reports and balance sheets. Apart from these, they can contact the organization.


The client

The insurance group “La Segunda” is a group of national companies from Argentina. They focus on property insurance, occupational hazard, and life and retirement insurance. With more than a thousand personalized call centres, it is among the first comprehensive insurance in the country and has the support of the main reinsurers in the world.



Our client contacted us to develop an institutional app for the company. The principal aim was that through this app, they could manage all the internal content of the assemblies.

They already had an application made by another company, but it was not functional enough, so it became obsolete.

The app had to contain different user levels and, therefore, access to content. Users belonging to the company can see all the content, both in the assemblies and other sections, and the rest of the users can have access to limited content.

Consequently, they needed an app with user management and with dynamic content so that it can be updated automatically, and thus avoid having to upload new versions of the application.

Another thing they requested was access or identification with iOS to simplify the login and registration process of people who use the application.


Our job

We created an app with complete user management, which implies that different users have different levels of access to information. It also counts with dynamic content so that it can be updated automatically.

First, we worked on prototyping and various UI/UX improvements to make the user experience as satisfactory as possible.

We used a hybrid application with Ionic and Angular to develop the project. For user management, we use Firebase as a backend manager, and for dynamic content, we use our API.

We applied SCRUM, an agile method that allowed us to improve the efficiency and quality of the delivered product.

We divided the process into prototyping, development and layout stages in 15-day sprints.



The institutional app has already been launched and works perfectly, constituting a very useful tool for our client and the company’s workers.

You can create a user and view the following information:

  • All company numbers that are updated in real-time
  • Information about the companies that make up the Group, their history and the most important milestones in their career.
  • All the data that refers to the assemblies and events of the company with the possibility of generating an agenda and time schedules of events related to the assembly.
  • It includes reports and all documentation referring to each event.
  • Digital tools and all advertising material to keep the sales force and staff updated and aligned with the company’s commercial objectives.

In addition, users can contact the institution through a contact form or direct access to social networks.

They will also be able to search the authorities, directory, and description of each of the organizational units of the Insurance Group.

We are extremely grateful for the result of the project. It is more evidence that teamwork, together with passion, always pays off.



You can see the presentation of the app with all the details by accessing the following link:

★  Presentation of the new institutional app of La Segunda  ★




→ Result:

The app is already available in Google Play and App Store.




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