Entorno web institucional para Insuga Recreo

Insuga Recreo: institutional web site

The client

Insuga is one of the major companies in the region dedicated to rendering. It aims to transform raw material and waste from refrigerators and the meat industry into material that can be used as raw material for the elaboration of products.

With many years of experience in the field, the company has several industrial plants in the country. The company’s base plant is in Recreo, Santa Fe.



The client reached Syloper intending to develop institutional websites for the different industrial plants and the Insuga staff.
At first, we developed the web environment for the industrial plant in Chaco.
You can read more about this project here.

In this opportunity, our primary aim, together with the client, was to develop the institutional web site for the Recreo plant, the company’s base.


Our role

We created a tailor-made institutional web environment that was thought and developed for the objectives and needs of our client. We wanted the design of the site to be in relation to the image, values, ​​and level of excellence of the company. And while the main objective was communication with the users, to be able to transmit the relevant information about the company and its product offering was also highly important.

In this project, we worked with Inkuva, a studio specialized in the development of images for commercial use, and with the Insuga designer. Together, we created a web environment of outstanding quality and visual impact, which at the same time is fast, simple, and intuitive. And it has all the important information about the company and its products, in an organized and properly hierarchical way.

To achieve this, we used WordPress, an open-source CMS (content management system) that is one of the most popular in the market. This gave us the necessary flexibility to add the functionalities that the web required.



The outcome is a web environment of great visual impact, with an excellent level of usability and it is adaptable to any device. The institutional web site is in perfect harmony with the identity of the company and its level of excellence. And it perfectly meets their needs and their short and long-term goals.

And most importantly, it fulfills the purpose for which it was created: to advertise the company and its products and connect effectively with potential customers.




→ Final result:

You can find the outcome by clicking here.



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