We design and develop your extranet and your new website

For this project, we integrated several work teams. Different companies and suppliers work together using agile methodologies to achieve a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs and objectives of the company.


LBO is a company specialized in agricultural, stock market and financial operations. They constitute the first Comprehensive Brokerage House in our country, and work to provide the best Argentine channel to the Capital and Agricultural Markets of the world.

They continually seek innovation and implement cutting-edge technological developments to create effective opportunities that add value to each business.

With a history of 20 years in the market, they advise their clients seeking to generate the best opportunities in both grain marketing and financial management.

Situation status

Our client called us with the objective of working together on the development of its new institutional website and optimizing its extranet in order to provide a satisfactory experience when operating in the capital markets.

Our solution

We redesigned all the NET screens, improving the user experience in all market operations processes.

We create clearer, more modern and intuitive screens, which were developed with cutting-edge technologies. This will allow for continuous improvement and optimization of processes that were previously impossible.

We work putting the client at the center of the project. We proposed interfaces focusing on UX but with strong tendencies towards CX. This provides value and outstanding information to users to manage their data and operations simply and quickly.

On the other hand, we created the company’s new institutional website. A site made in WordPress with a custom theme developed by ourselves, respecting good practices. The site is integrated with a variety of external services to provide all the information available on the web in an up-to-date manner. And it offers the possibility of self-managing all your content.

In addition, we integrate all the information from the NET on the web. By using a reactive framework, the information remains updated and available, following the aesthetic line of this new version. In this way, users can view the quotes of the different markets in real time.

We are also working on optimizing the mobile version, to achieve the best experience from all devices.


This project was one of the great challenges of our year. Because of its complexity, because of the time we spent on it and because of what it represented. Also due to the fact that we had to adapt to different work teams, companies and external suppliers with whom we work together using agile methodologies.

All of this was very enriching and meant great growth for the team, for our company, and for everyone who participated in the process.

We managed to unite each one from our capabilities, knowledge and experience in pursuit of a common goal. And the result was more than satisfactory.

Both the website and the NET are already in operation, designed and developed in such a way that users will have an excellent experience when browsing them.

→ Final result:

➤ You can see the presentation of the extranet and the new website with all the details by accessing the following link:
★ Presentation of the LBO extranet and its new institutional website ★

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