Real estate CRM: more clients, properties and sales

Real estate CRM: more clients, properties and sales

Do you have a real estate agency and want to promote your properties? Do you need a website that attracts new customers and enhances your business? Without a doubt, a real estate CRM is the solution.

With the new technologies, the Internet has become a place where you can search and find practically everything and carry out operations of any kind. Real estate agencies are also part of this phenomenon. They use different platforms to create catalogues of their properties, to provide information or interact with their clients.

Without a doubt, the Internet offers you a lot of opportunities to promote your properties. However, managing all those opportunities on multiple sales and rental platforms is quite difficult. Likewise, the attention and interaction with the interested parties and clients are sometimes complex.

That is why we should personalize real estate sites and adapt them to the needs of users. They need to contain the entire stock of properties. They must be connected to a real estate CRM so that real estate management and interaction with clients is carried out in a simple but effective way. And it would be much better if CRM gives tools to spread and promote your properties easily and quickly. This will allow you to work in a more agile, efficient and integrated way, and take advantage of the resources and commercial opportunities of your real estate agency.


The importance of a real estate CRM

When thinking about optimizing a website focused on the real estate sector, it is essential to link it to a quality CRM. It must offer us the functionalities to manage all the information efficiently and thus be able to improve customer service and boost sales.


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a software in charge of managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Implementing a CRM aims to create a system in which companies can interact easily and effectively with their customers and interested and potential customers.


What is CRM for?

There are different CRM with different functionalities.

Most of them collect customer data through various channels, such as company websites, chats, email, and social media. They can provide your company with detailed information about users: their tastes, preferences, concerns, and purchase history.

Many have characteristics that allow you to keep track of all the data and information that you collect from your clients or leads. Some can track phone calls and emails. The most advanced can direct inquiries and potential sales to the right representatives, and keep a record of the interactions with the corresponding team.

Other functionalities that CRM can offer are the automation of the workflow through calendars, tasks, and alerts and detailed monitoring of performance and productivity according to the information registered in the system.

Regardless of the characteristics that a CRM has, it aims to process the data in an orderly way and to track each of the interactions with your company’s clients and monitor and manage them appropriately. It focuses on improving service relationships by building loyalty and boosting sales.


Real estate CRM: a CRM thought for real estate agencies

Generic CRMs are mainly focused on the sales part, as we saw in the previous section.

But real estate agencies focus not only on selling. They must capture new properties and find potential contacts. Therefore, a CRM focused on the real estate sector must have the ability to respond to those needs.

A CRM developed specifically for this area is a complete productivity tool. It merges the functionalities of a generic CRM and the spreading. If you have a real estate CRM, you can manage all the properties published on your site directly from your system, which will avoid rework and waste of time. But, in addition, you will access the main real estate classified portals without leaving your management system. This means simplification and time saving when publishing your portfolio of properties on these portals. Sellers will track business more efficiently and proactively.

It will facilitate the management of everything concerning your real estate agency. On the other hand, it will help you capture new properties and be able to promote and spread them.


Features that a quality real estate CRM must have

There are many real estate management systems, each of them with different functionalities.

It is ideal to use tailor-made software for your company. In the case of using an existing CRM, it would be optimal if it offers you certain functionalities that will allow you to optimize the management of your real estate agency and the spreading of your properties.

Some of the most important features are:


1/ Customer relationship management

  • System configuration according to service times.
  • Sending personalized emails and automatic alerts.
  • Visualization of the workload of each salesperson.
  • Clients referrals and inquiries due to lack of attention.
  • Reports of operations closure.

These tools will allow the sellers of your real-estate agency to make a detailed follow-up of each commercial opportunity. In addition, it will help them manage the times to attend to the interested parties at each stage of their enquiry.

All of this makes up an effective follow-up to improve customer service and increase sales.


2/ Client portfolio

  • Expand the offer to different geographical areas.
  • Set the professional fees to share for each property.
  • Send files of colleagues with the data from your real estate agency.
  • Send network properties to your clients with self-monitoring.
  • It is unnecessary to share your entire property portfolio.

With this software tool, you will also be able to consult properties of other real estate agencies. This increases the possibility of finding the property you are looking for apart from providing a better service.

In addition, you can create different closed groups with other real estate agencies.


3/ Advertising and spreading

  • Multi-posting: automatic spreading of your properties in the most recognized portals in Latin America.
  • Automatic loading to the software of potential clients from said portals.
  • Send automatic alerts when registering a contact in the system.
  • Send news to customers through personalized emails.
  • The seller will always be informed of the offers that his clients receive.

By loading and managing your properties in the software, you can keep all the information updated from one place, and in a simpler and faster way.

Another interesting point is the automatic monitoring of the interested parties. They receive similar properties as those they previously searched for. 

In addition, spreading and promoting your properties both in real estate portals and on your website is much simpler and more efficient.


Advantages of using software for real estate agencies

The advantages of using management software for real estate agencies are innumerable. Some that we consider most important are:

  • You can have your database of leads or contacts directly in the CRM and give them optimal tracking.
  • You will save a lot of time by managing all the information from a single management site. And you will reduce the number of mistakes in the management processes.
  • You will spread all your properties automatically. You will achieve a broader scope in the main real estate portals. As they are integrated, you will not have to load the information of your properties in each of them.
  • You will identify users and their tastes and search preferences. And you will be able to automatically send new properties based on that information, expanding the possibilities of making a purchase.
  • Also you will control and reduce customer service times and boost final conversions.
  • You will have the possibility to manage the reservations and the operations.
  • And you will generate and export management reports tailored to your needs, which will allow you to carry out a more accurate analysis and know where and how to expand your business.
  • In addition, you can be part of the real estate network and share your property files with colleagues and interested contacts.


Disadvantages of using management software for real estate agencies

If the software was tailored for your company, there should be no disadvantages because it was thought and designed according to the needs and objectives of your particular real estate agency.

If you use generic software, one disadvantage is the design of your website. These types of management systems usually offer you default templates to create your site. This does not allow your website to have an innovative design, which is essential when attracting new customers. But, in addition, it does not allow you to develop your site in a personalized way or to optimize it so that your users have a satisfactory experience.


The best solution for your real estate agency site

Undoubtedly, the best solution is to have a personalized website with a design that attracts your potential customers and is in tune with the values ​​of your company. And that it is also optimized in such a way that users can navigate it simply and quickly.

It is also important that the site is connected to real estate management software. Ideally, this system should be developed in a personalized way, so that it responds to the needs of your company in particular. This will give you the ability to publicize your properties and track your sales opportunities more appropriately.

With a management system focused on the area, the spreading of your properties and the real estate CRM are merged so that you can save time and money by simplifying online promotion. And also, by enhancing the follow-up of your current and potential customers, your sales will improve. 

Your business will be fully integrated into one place and optimized to attract new customers. The result of this is a greater amount of traffic, more contacts and leads interested in your properties.

This solution will allow you to improve your presence on the Internet, as well as boost your business. Make a more effective follow-up of each client, who increasingly uses the online channel to search for properties, and who demands greater immediacy and quality of service. Capitalize in the most efficient way the digital channel to boost the growth of your real estate agency.



We can help you!

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We can design your site from scratch and develop a management system for real estate agencies tailored to your company, focusing on its characteristics, goals and needs.

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