Optimi: renovación de su sitio web

Optimi: renovation of their website

The client

Optimi is an Argentine software company that has been working for 15 years in the development of several IT projects oriented to the Biochemistry Area. It comprises a group of multidisciplinary professionals. It aims to provide quality of life improvement for patients who require an in vitro practice.



The client reached Syloper intending to replace the company’s website, which was very outdated and with a very old aesthetic as it is the online window where they show their products and communicate the news of the company. Besides this, it was important to give freshness to the brand by considering the identity of the company.


Our role

At the first stage, we defined the objectives and needs of the client. Later on, we designed and developed the website. We carried out the construction of it using CakePHP, a powerful open-source PHP framework.

For the public part, the client used Angular, a framework developed by Google that is also open-source. It offered us innumerable advantages, as it is modular and scalable, and it adapts to our needs.

From the point of view of the design, we focused on visitors and customers. We looked for the best way to attract and connect with them appropriately, considering the values ​​and corporate image of the company reflected on the site.



Our client counts with a website that perfectly fulfills the purpose for which it was created and that is in correlation with the brand’s value proposition. With all the content strategically presented and with a design according to the company’s strong pillars, it is a site that is also following mobile trends and good practices of usability and user experience.



→ Final result:

You can find the outcome by clicking here.




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