La Segunda Recompensa: una landing page efectiva

La Segunda Recompensa: an effective landing page

The insurance group “La Segunda” is one of our usual clients. They have operated in our country for more than 80 years.

On this occasion, they invited us to jointly create a landing page for La Segunda Recompensa, an exclusive benefits program for their clients.


The challenge

Our client needed a perfectly optimised and unique landing page for their benefits program. Said program offers product rewards and experiences to all clients who have at least one valid policy in the company.

The main objective was to create a landing page that could clearly and directly transmit everything related to the program.  It was very important that the user could easily and quickly understand what the program is about, what kind of benefits it includes and how and where to download the app by arranging the information in an organized and hierarchical way. What is more, it needed all the characteristics for a perfect user experience: speed, responsiveness, usability, etc.


Our solution

We went through the complete process for this project: outline, design, and development.

We made use of Angular, a framework of open source created by Google for the development of web platforms. The choice of this framework is related to all the advantages it offers us. One of those is the possibility to perfectly adapt to our needs as it is modular and scalable. 

Regarding design, our main focus was on the user. It was highly important to make navigation through screens easier and to guide the user through the process of accessing functionality information and use of the software.The design process included the outline and design in Marvel App so it would later be laid out in HTML and CSS.


The result

The landing page we created perfectly fulfills the objective for which it was created: to make the access to the benefits program easier for La Segunda clients. This platform contains everything to be effective: simplicity, conciseness, clarity, comfortable design, easy to read, order, and hierarchical information. 

The users will be able to easily and quickly find all the information they need to navigate through La Segunda Recompensa on a site that works in an agile, fast and responsive way.



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