Jubbler: un entorno web institucional moderno y funcional

Jubbler: an institutional, modern, and functional website

The client

Jubbler is a company from Rosario, Argentina which was founded to provide web solutions to all kinds of companies,  PyMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), professionals, and entrepreneurs. With extensive experience in the development of technological tools and the commercial area, they specialize in business software based on mobile and web technology.



The client had an outdated website that did not respond to the current needs of the company. They contacted us to create a new, more modern, and functional web environment, considering that it is the online display window through which they present their products and services. In addition, as it is the meeting place with their customers, the new website needed the necessary characteristics so that the employees could communicate with them easily and clearly.
We always consider the identity of the company.


Our role

As it is common,  in all the projects we carry out, we work as a team with the client. At the first stage, we define your objectives and needs, and then we dedicate ourselves to the creation of the web environment.

We carried out a tailor-made development adapted to the needs of the company. We took into account important principles for any web environment, such as responsiveness and usability. This is in order to achieve an agile site that can be accessed from any device, as we always do.

To achieve this, we used WordPress, an open-source CMS (content management system) that is one of the most popular in the market. This gave us the necessary flexibility to add the functionalities that the web required.

On the other hand, we made use of the latest technologies and we met, as usual, with all the standards and recommendations so they could get the best performance.



We created an institutional website that meets the principal objectives: provide information, transmit the values ​​of the brand, and present the products and services of the company. These are transmitted clearly and they contain all the information the clients need. 

The site is fast, simple, and intuitive and it contains all the important information about the company in a properly structured and hierarchical way.

We achieved the objective of giving the website a more modern and functional stamp and of providing the characteristics that were necessary to facilitate the communication between our client and his clients.



→ Final result:

You can find the outcome by clicking here.




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