Aapresid eventos: plataforma de streaming a medida

Aapresid Events: tailor-made streaming platform

Aapresid (Argentine Association of Direct Seeding Producers, by its acronym in Spanish) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Integrated by a network of agricultural producers, scientists, technicians, researchers, and students who, regarding their interest in soil conservation, adopted and promoted the spreading of a new agricultural paradigm based on Direct Seeding.

We, Syloper, have accompanied them on several projects. This time, we created Aapresid Eventos (Aapresid Events), a platform whose job is to live broadcast congresses, technical discussion sessions, conferences, lectures, talks, and workshops.


Aapresid Events

It is a streaming platform we developed for our client. It allows you to carry out meetings, seminars, congresses, and all kinds of events on the user’s screen. They can be live or recorded, open to anyone who wants to take part, or with the possibility of a guest list.

The platform allows interaction and exchange of opinions between the participants and speakers and it provides access to all the resources and materials after the event is finished.



The platform offers the following functionalities to the clients:

  • Agenda: in this area, the client can look up information about the type of event, title, and date.
  • Information: in this section, clients can find all relevant information about the event, plus a brief description of the speakers.
  • Previous events: in this area, clients can have access to all the resources and materials from previous events.
  • Sponsors: it is the section where sponsors are presented together with their logos and links to their websites. They are the ones who make the event possible. 
  • Browser: It is a tool that the user can use in order to look for the desired event. The filter is divided into “technical discussion session, discourse, congress, conference, talk, and workshops.”



There are a lot of benefits attached to this type of platform:

  • Security: the events are private and safe
  • Online: the participants have access to all the events without the need for an app
  • Access to post-streaming resources: all the material is kept in the cloud and users can have access to it whenever they please. 
  • Interaction: the public can ask, comment and interact
  • Multi-platform: the participants can access through their mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other device.
  • No audience limit: all users can have access. 


We, Syloper, are extremely pleased to have accompanied Aapresid in this new project. It is a client with whom we successfully created an amazing team. A team where everyone takes part in the pursuit of achieving common goals and of improving the efficiency of results.




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