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Website Relaunch: Berkley Argentina

On this occasion, Berkley Argentina invited us to re-launch their website which is daily used by hundreds of employees and policyholders. We set our goal for a more modern and minimalist aesthetic. In addition, we replaced WordPress software with an app made in CakePHP. This allowed us to navigate the site in much less time.

As it is usual in all the projects we carry out, we worked alongside our clients. Berkley provided us with some sketches with the image they wanted to reflect the website in this transformation. Our job consisted in developing each section taking into account two very important principles such as responsiveness and performance. Moreover, the result which is expected is a fast and agile website that can be accessed from any device at any time.

It should be noted that we started working on this project before the WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic. This whole situation came as a surprise in the middle of the development. For this reason, together with Berkley, we decided to implement some measures so members of the company, as well as employees, could adapt to new technologies and changes in common practices. 



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